Ministry Of Textile, Office of the Textile Commissioner,  Mumbai    


Acts / Orders / Notification / Press Note / Definition  

 Orders / Notification / Press Note / Definition  :
Amendment in Hank Yarn Packing Notification

Part - I

TDRO 2001

Hank yarn packing Notification 2/TDRO/8/2003 dated  17/04/2003

  TCPR  - Notification No. CER(18)/88 - CLB dated  07/03/1988
Notification CER/20/88-CLB/665 (Testing Laboratories) and its addition No.  CER/(22)/88-CLB/ Dated: 16th August, 1988.
Notification no. 1/TDRO/12/1/2002 dated 16/05/2002 Delegation of Power to officers of  Office of the Textile Commissioner

Previous Public Notice / Press Note / Notifications

  TCPR - Public Notice -  22/07/1998 &  16/11/1998
TCPR - Public Notice No. 3/TDRO/9/2003 dated 21/11/2003
TCPR - Public Notice No.2(91)/2011/Legal-Enf.  dated 31.03.2016
  Textile Statistical  Returns Notification No. 9/TDRO/13(1)/1 dated     26/12/1995  and its amendments 
Public Notice / Press Note
Notification No. CER/(11)/86/CLB-CER/ Dated:- 22-08-1986.

Notification No.5(1)/86-CLB dated 21-08-1986 - Delegation of powers to state Governments                                                                                 

Part  - II

Cotton Control Order 1986
Amendment of Cotton Control Order 1986
Delegation of Powers to the officers and officials of Textile Commissioner office.
Periodical returns to be submitted by Cotton Ginning Factory, Cotton Pressing Factory & Cotton Ginning & Pressing Factory.

Part - III

Press Note No. 4 
Notification No SO 2 (E) 01/01/2001
Press Release import of second hand sulzer projectile weaving looms
Clarification / definition of mill
Modified Guidelines for issue of Composite Textile Mills Certificate 

Part - IV

Notification No. S.O.3534(E) - Dated 24.11.2016 - Collection of Statistics from the manufacturers and traders of textile items.
Notification No. S.O. 786(E) - Collection of Statistics on Cotton.